This is a list of the commands used in EikoRPG.

Base CommandsEdit

.rpgtown (Dungeon, Quest, Rest, Shop)Edit

These commands are used when in Town .

  • Dungeon: Sends you to the Dungeon.
  • Quest: Sends you to the Questhall.
  • Rest: Lets you recuperate at your house, and saves the game.
  • Shop: Sends you to the Shop.
    • If you're already in the shop, ".rpgtown" sends you back to the Town Square.

.rpgdungeon (Backtrack, Explore, Return)Edit

These commands are used while in the Dungeon.

  • Backtrack: Attempts to get you back to the begining of the level, so you may leave.
  • Explore: Sends you into the next room.
  • Return: Sends you back to town if you're at the beginning of the level.

.rpgturn (Attack, Equip, Flee, Skill)Edit

These commands are used while in Combat.

  • Attack: Attempts to attack the enemy.
  • Equip: Trades out your equipment for something in your Loot Bag.
    • Equip can be used at anytime, including out of combat, despite being a .rpgturn command.
  • Flee: Attempts to run away from combat.
    • Flee is automatically successful if your character has the Flee skill.
  • Skill: Uses one of your characters Skills.

Utility CommandsEdit

  • .rpghelp: Allows you to access the help.
    • You can use .rpghelp topics to discover topics if you are unfamiliar with them.
  • .rpgsheet: Displays your character sheet.
  • .rpgwhere: Describes your character's current location.

Other CommandsEdit

  • .rpg: Starts the game.
  • .rpgchargen: Generates a character.
    • By adding a race and class to the end of this command, you can select the race and class of the character accordingly.
    • You can also select feat(s) with this command.
  • .rgpinit: Displays the game's opening message.
  • .rpgload: Loads the game from your previous save.
  • .rpglvlup: Levels up your character when you have enough experience.
  • .rpgquit: Quits the game and breaks Eiko's heart.
  • .rpgbuy / .rpgsell: Accesses the shop.

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