North Granby is a small town plagued by monsters from the nearby Dungeon. The mayor of North Granby is Sir Percival , a retired adventurer.


The DungeonEdit

The Dungeon is a place crammed full of monsters. You, as an adventurer, are going to try and kill them, while they pay you the same courtesy.

While in town, 

.rpgtown dungeon #

will send you to dungeon level #. You can't visit a level you've never been to; leave # blank to head to level 1.


The Questhall is where Sir Percival makes his office. He will hand out quests to you, and reward you when you complete them.

When you're in town,

.rpgtown quest

will give you access to the Questhall.


This is where you buy crap sold by other adventurers. The shopkeep keeps an eye on what stuff might be appropriate for a hero of your stature; his stock changes as you complete quests.

When you're in town,

.rpgtown shop

will give you access to the shop. Use

.rpgbuy / .rpgsell

to conduct transactions.

Your HovelEdit

This is your humble abode, the place where your bug-ridden, uncomfortable bed resides for your resting pleasure. Whenever you rest, your hit points and skill points are reset to their maximum level, and your game is saved.

While in town,

.rpgtown rest

sends you off to dreamland.

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